Navarra Government jump into the METAVERSE

Let me say a few words to present a new space for interacting with the Government. The METAVERSE has landed in Navarra and now you can visit our space at Our intention is to innovate and act as pioneers in this virtual world to show citizens, companies and organization that the future is here and it is the METAVERSE. When you enter, you are going to find an environment packed with information about our work in Innovation, University and Digitalization. Three different rooms that are going to be alive with regular up to date information, complete with an auditorium where we have already given the first virtual press conference with 28 attendees. Next week, we are going to inaugurate offices and places to have meetings with citizens, government representatives and businesses from all around the world. In the near future, we plan to present new government initiatives in Navarra and virtual models of infrastructure projects to show how are we investing our budget.

Our commitment is to INNOVATION. This is a first step into the METAVERSE, but not the last. Please visit our space and tell us your opinion, suggestions or recommendations.

My office at the Metaverse

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